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Nutrition Coaching & Supplements

As a NASM trained Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Athlete I am aware of the many issues relating to nutrition and supplementation during different phases of training.  There are many FAD diet plans out there but don't be fooled.  Many of the things that are avoided in these FAD diets are crucial to optimal health when taken in proper portions and proportions.  Find out what Supplements are, when you need them and when you don't.  Learn about Cannabis in traditional healing work and nutrition as well as its modern applications and how supplementation may be beneficial to you.  Book a session today to discuss what diet is right for you and what you might be doing that is actually working against your goals instead of helping you achieve new highs.

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Yoga, Massage & Recovery

Where the tools of the Ancient meet the Modern:  

Relax and enjoy or get in deep for rehabilitative sessions paired with Corrective Coaching to regain Stability, Strength, Power & Balance.  

Balanced Power is the key to living well.  

Become Centered, Open & Aware of All That Is.  We use the finest aromatic essential oils and cannabinoids in our treatments to aid in deep relaxation and release the traumas retained in the body at a neuromuscular level.

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Fitness, Body Building & MMA

Fitness Coaching from a NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Wrestling & MMA with USAW Certified Wrestling Coach, Martial Arts Instructor & former MMA fighter

Find the right training style for you.  Training doesn't have to be a boring gym session nor indoors.  It can be as adaptive or hard core as you desire from traditional gym routines to obstacle course training and from weight loss to sport specific training.  In the gym, on the river or mountain, with your goals and interests in mind, we got your back so that those activities you love, don't become activities you avoid.

We Serve Any Age & Any Disability

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Way of the Sun

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Help Our Cause

Many of the clients we serve are elderly, terminal, disabled and/or on fixed incomes.  

Your support will enable us to meet goals and improve lives. 

Your generous donation will fund this mission.

100% of all donations go directly to providing extra equipment and training hours to people with disabilities.

Obesity Rates in the USA are at a staggering 39.6% for adults and 18.5% for children.

According to the CDC "Obesity rates for Children with Disabilities are 38% higher than for Children Without."

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