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Way of the Sun

Way of the Sun

Way of the SunWay of the SunWay of the Sun

Certified Personal Trainer

MMA, Boxing, Fight Science 

Fitness, Weight Loss, Bodybuilding 

Sports Nutrition Specialist



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Sports Nutrition Specialist & Weight Loss

When it comes to nutrition there's much to consider.  Weather you're an athlete trying to surpass those plateaus or a single mom trying to cut weight we can help. 

I like to start with a full assessment and review your fasting blood work to see just where you're at, what you've been doing right and where we need to educate you to achieve your goals and put a smile back on your face and a glow that lights up the room. 


Fitness, bodybuilding and massage

Fitness is commonly misunderstood and confused.  Exercise science regarding strength, conditioning, cardiovascular health and recovery are often lumped together and people do whatever workouts they see online but without strategic programming toward your goals many people end up frustrated or hurt trying to mimic elite athletes.  Get your assessments and programming done today so you know you're on the right path and learn how regular massage techniques can assist in speeding up recovery time or assist in getting you back in the proper range of motion to train aggressively.  

Let's think body recomposition! 


MMA. Boxing & Fight Science

As a lifelong athlete I know how to train, strengthen and cut to optimal performance.  A former MMA athlete trained in and Certified USA Wrestling coach,  Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Shotokan & Judo.  Coaching athletes has lit a fire and I'm now on my path through the master's boxing division.

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Many of the clients we serve are elderly, terminal, disabled and/or on fixed incomes.  

Your support will enable us to meet goals and improve lives. 

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100% of all donations go directly to providing extra equipment and training hours to people with disabilities.

Obesity Rates in the USA are at a staggering 39.6% for adults and 18.5% for children.

According to the CDC "Obesity rates for Children with Disabilities are 38% higher than for Children Without."

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